• Features

    Many features & 1 mission: boost your conversion

    A widget to collect questions and direct them to your ambassadors or to our livetchat agents (option)

    1 click installation on a standard CMS or 1 JS for a custom Installation

    You can activate the widget on any cat/sub cat/product you decide

    We turn your customers Into ambassadors

    A unique algorithm that turns 15% of your customers Into ambassadors

    Our algorithm manages the email pressure and engage your customers database. You capitalize on each and everyone of your customers, generating repeat business

    Your ambassadors answer to hesitating customers directly on your product pages, In a private tchat

    On average 1 question generates 3 answers In less the 15 minutes

    Your hesitating customers are reassured, they get detailed answers regarding your products, they feel a unique transparency that they will not forget

    Your ambassadors meet hesitating customers directly at their home to let them try the product they are interested In

    Your products become visible everywhere. You offer a complete online/offline experience to your visitors

    Thanks to our unique algorithm and some gamification you open your own crowdsourced show-rooms

    Your ambassadors generate content on demand: pictures/videos/reviews

    You want your catalog to be unique, your customers can make that happen

    Our UGC campaign offer let you pick the items you need content to be generated and let us do the rest. On average we generate 1.4 pictures/customer

    We moderate everything and publish usefull content directly on your product pages

    Our team Is dedicated to generating the best content for your products

    Our mission Is to complete your products pages with a great usefull content: technical details, usability, etc...

    We boost your SEO thanks to the user generated content

    Google needs your products pages to be unique and filled with a natural content, we provide that

    Our customers see an imediate impact on their SEO, google crawls more their site and identify new keywords and new pages to be indexed

    We decrease pressure on your customer service

    User generated content Is a great way to answer to customers frequent questions

    Less emails, phone calls and more awareness for your customers means that your can focus on your core business

    One more thing... Live tchat for free

    Show-Roomer Is a global reinsurrance widget. Your ambassadors handle questions related to your products, our agents handle the rest

    Is the product available? What Is the delivery time? What's the cost of credit? What If I have a quality Issue after delivery?
    We guide your customers on those questions and maximise your conversion rate.